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Various computing setups from the past:

Dorm Room - Space is scarce in a dorm room, so I installed a hardware switch to operate 4 computers from one monitor.
The scanner and printer went under the bed.
The L-shaped work area even incorporates a music stand, which is very convenient for holding documents and playing violin in the room.
Academic Breaks - During breaks from college, I had a temporary setup in the basement at home. Four mouses is a tight fit for one mouse pad...
Collections - I started collecting equipment even in high school - I had 16 computers in my 8.5' x 10.5' bedroom.

I established the tradition of using recycled doors as a desk top from the very beginning.

My bed was on the other wall of the room, and I slept on the bottom of the "bunk bed". The "top bunk" had the big stash of hardware, such as servers, the printer, and networking equipment.

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